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Cash Register Express (CRE)- Fuel Edition is a fuel pump point of sale (POS) system that integrates fuel-related activity, such as pre-pay and pay-at-the-pump with the in-store point of sale system, allowing cashiers to process both fuel and non-fuel purchases from the same POS station.

Benefits of our fuel POS include increased efficiency and accuracy, lower operating costs, improved inventory management and easy transaction processing for multiple product types from a single interface. Fuel Edition is an affordable POS software package for independent and chain gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores that want to integrate fuel sales into their point of sale.

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Features for Cash Register Express Fuel Edition

Electronic calculation of Tax exempt sales to First Nation (exempt) customers

Prospay Gas Pump Interface
Provides for pump authorization from Prospay SRO POS terminal
Provides for reset of pump only after payment is received
Provides for PREPAY of purchase before pump is authorized

Prevents Driveoffs – intentional or unintentional as payment is required before pump is authorized by cashier or, if desired during busy times, a record of the customer can be stored for billing/collection at a later time or date

Provides Sales Reports by cashier, shift, tank and pump on daily, weekly and monthly basis
Provides report on Fuel tank variance by reporting on sales verses purchase (drops)
Provides report on lost revenue by fuel type, tank, cashier, shift, on the basis of litres and dollars
Provides report on fuel tank inventory for purposes of ordering.
Customer throughput is increased and made easier
Margin gain of 8-15% (likely) by eliminating pricing errors
Automatic calculation of tobacco/fuel tax exemptions
Velocity reports by item allows for ease of (automatic) reorder calculation
Training of new staff on store system is easier and quicker.
Prospay Back Office system
Provides for enforcement of credit limits for purchases by each customer
Provides certainty of recording and reporting of account receivable transactions
Provides for ease of analysis of A/R and Inventory reports – immediate and accurate
Provides Velocity reporting by item and immediate calculation of margin
Provides automatic generation of financial reports and statements
Provides for reporting of customer purchases by invoice to identify loyal customers
Provides for daily cashier reconciliation by shift, by store
Eliminates manual billing statement errors
Eliminates manual card system errors
Eliminates manual calculation of credit availability by customer
Eliminates manual errors
Provides for making of ‘Specials’ show cards
Provides for making of ‘Price labels’ as opposed to price marking – great labour saving function.

Cash Register Express Fuel Edition for Fuel and gas sation point of sale

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Purchase Order Screen
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Sending Gas Price To Pumps
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