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Cash Register Express (CRE) is the industry’s leading retail point
of sale package designed for Supermarkets. CRE keeps your lines
moving fast and tracks your sales, customers, and inventory.
Detailed and customizable reports on best and worst sellers, profit
margins, item activity, sales figures and dozens of other figures will
help you make smarter business decisions. Replacing your cash
register with a Cash Register Express point of sale system will save
time, prevent theft, reduce labor and increase sales and profits.

Computerize your business with the #1 POS software on the market. Not sure if you should? Read why it's a good idea in our article,
POS Software: Why use it?.

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Pros features for Cash Register Express Express 

Point of Sale Features

Fast, accurate checkout
Place a transaction on hold while it’s in transaction, recall at any future time
Easy: train cashiers in as little as 60 seconds
Process credit cards, debit cards, EBT, and checks over the internet with Prospay Payment Module in as little as 2-3 seconds
Electronic check conversion (ECC) deposits checks from the register
Multi-user/multi-site ready
Electronic signature capture with a signature pad, no need to file and retain signed credit card receipts
Built for 24 hour grocery stores
Ability to print labels
Customizable setup of the color, size, and layout of the display
Easy navigation
Touch-screen invoicing
Graphic images of products
Bottle return management
Time clock
Handles multiple clerks
Handles multiple cash drawers
Product grouping by category, supplier, department, brand, etc.
Mix and match prices
Gift cards and store credits with no transaction fees
Unlimited transactions, inventory items and customers
Price verification including weight readings from scales

Dozens of detailed reports built-in
Create your own reports using built-in report writer
Extensive reports detail your sales down to the item
Reports can be run for any date range and a variety of other criteria
Top sellers and worst sellers
Dollars per labor hour report
Cashier shift report
End of day report
Gift card and stored value card balances
Order suggestions by sales, orders, etc.
Inventory usage
Product sales by category, date, supplier, etc.
Hourly sales by products, departments, etc.
Gross/net sales by department, supplier, etc.
Movie reports
Rentals with due date
Productivity report
Discrepancy reports help spot theft
Profit margin reports help you make better business decisions

Employee security with password protection
Cash control features to force cash drops throughout the day
Cash limit alarm
Manager overrides
Exception training to spot suspicious activity
Restrict or allow functions such as discounts, check item, deletion, etc.
Configure access permission by employee or by job work
Assign secure log-in cards
Manager access card with bar code or magnetic stripe
Check authorization and electronic deposits
Entry and exit with secret code or access card

Inventory Tracking:
Add inventory “on-the-fly,” even in the middle of a sale
Track serial numbers
Purchase orders
Detailed inventory reports
Estimate and calculate food costs
Purchase orders based on low stock level
Late, rented videos, videos in store
Fast lookups by barcode, name
Order management

Customer Loyalty:
Fast customer lookup with membership cards
Flexible customer loyalty plans that can increase sales 20% or more
Record each customer including name, address, birthday, and e-mail address
Built-in customer tracking Ability to send mass e-mails and paper mailers
Ability to send informational newsletters, coupons, sales and new product announcements
Give customer loyalty cards
Automatically tracks and gives rewards
Record itemized purchase details of each customer
Frequent visitor discounts

Simple Ordering:
Unlimited departments with pictures
Order displayed on screen for modification
Track complete audit trails
Quick tender keys - $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
Color code your departments, categories, etc.

Cash Register Express Fuel Edition for Fuel and gas sation point of sale

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Customer Tracking & Loyalty
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